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Company Profile


The naming of Crème Caramel Patisserie came about when the founder and owner, Mr. Alan W. Clews ventured out on setting up his own business. Alan loves to recount the episode which led him to name the business after his all-time favourite dessert.

Alan Clews of Cospicua, Malta, showed his love of catering from an early age. Still young he attended the M.C.A.S.T. Catering College where he emerged straight to work at the prestigious 5 star Hotel Phoenicia Malta, for 5 years, followed by 8 full years at the 5 star Malta Hilton Hotel. Here he continued to gain vast experience, tackling all kinds of dishes. It was then at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza that he worked as a patissieur for the following 5 years. He attended courses in London, Vienna and Belgium and also took part in Culinary Competitions where he achieved a gold medal for his original cake decorations. Two stints abroad, boasting Maltese cookery in Germany and Zimbabwe are fresh on his mind.

It was at this time, with such experience behind him, that Alan felt the urge to set out on his own. So in 1992,Crème Caramel Patisserie, a family run catering outlet and manufacturing establishment, started operating from Fgura. Since then,  things have flourished and Crème Caramel has obtained a reputation as being one of the best caterers in Malta. To always keep abreast with the latest Culinary Art and Hygiene in food preparation, staff at Crème Caramel regularly attend seminars and courses both locally and abroad.

Mr. Alan Clews was also host chef on 44 televised cooking classes, aired on the local National TV channel. Their aim was to teach viewers simple recipes and techniques to create 'professional looking' sweets and desserts. The numerous letters and phone calls showed how well received the classes were. Alan says that 'catering is not only an interesting job but a passion for good food. A dedication which gives many satisfactions as it is experimenting all the time, but it entails much hard work and careful planning'.

The success behind Crème Caramel Patisserie lies in the commitment to provide safe and attractive food, ensuring the use of only the highest quality fresh ingredients in all their products.